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Our candles are all hand poured to the highest quality standard and are all produced in the UK with a burn time of approximately 40 hours.


This care guide and warning information should be read in addition to the comprehensive guidance on the base label of the candle.
Remove all packaging before lighting.  
Do not burn if glass is cracked or damaged.

Keep wick trimmed to 5mm (and evenly spaced) at all times to avoid smoking.  

Extinguish the candle if it flickers, smokes or the flame gets too high.

For best results burn your candle for at least two hours but no more than four hours at a time.  This will allow your candle to create a full wax pool so it burns evenly all the way down.

Do not place your candle on or near a source of heat.

Always use a candle snuffer to extinguish your candle.

Air Bubbles
Pull away is what can appear to be air bubbles around the sides of filled candles. This occurs as the wax expands and contracts on the temperature of the surrounding area.
This is characterisitic of all waxes, and the severity depends on the type of waxed used. Harder waxes contract so much that the candle falls out of the glass. 
Our waxes are a blend of mineral and vegetable bases, with the vegetable wax predominately soya based. These give an excellent burn performance and the bubbles are purely aesthetic and are unavoidable due to the nature of the wax
"Pull away" does not affect the burn.
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